Top 5 Rules When Picking An Online Bingo Game For Your Mobile Or Tablet (iPhone, Android, Tablet)

It seems like every online bingo site seems to be jumping on the mobile bingo bandwagon – but there is a very good reason for this! With the biggest and best sites like Mecca Bingo now offering amazing bingo apps and mobile action, smaller sites just cannot compare and may well be left behind in 2013 if they DON’T offer mobile gaming. There are loads of perks linked to mobile games, and here are just a few reasons that YOU should choose to GO MOBILE:

1. Convenience

Just when we thought that the game of Dragon power flame couldn’t possible get any more convenient, they go and develop their mobile software! This of course means that you don’t even have to leave your BED let alone leave the house to bag some lovely jackpots and prizes – the perfect way to cater to our lazy nation! It also perks up your commute, your lunch break and even bath times – just make sure you don’t drop your mobile in the bath-water in your excitement!

2. Jackpots

All of the best bingo sites offer their big jackpot games via your mobile phone, which of course gives you more chances of winning. Before, you would have to wait until you were back indoors to play bingo, but not anymore! Now you can play no matter where you are, which means that you have far more time to spend on bagging jackpots.

3. Instants

The great thing is that sites are offering their slot and instant games as well as bingo, so this is the perfect chance for you to dive into some awesome instant games if you haven’t already done so. More fab news is sites like Mecca Bingo allow you to download the slots and instants individually, so even if you want to sample just a few games that tickle your fancy, you can! You dont have to have your memory clogged up with games you may not play.

4. Promotions

Some sites offer oodles of mobile exclusive promotions, so if you play on your device you can bag MORE goodies! Again its Mecca Bingo leading the way here – they don’t just offer you the chance to take part in things like their generous Marie Curie Cancer Care week (playing out at the beginning of every month with real cash jackpots) they also allow you to bag bonus points via your mobile phone – a rarity in the world of mobile bingo. You can then splash this cash on the mobile games, giving you more bang for your buck.

5. Variation

It’s not just sites like Mecca Bingo offering mobile apps – you can grab tonnes of various games no matter what device you use. You can stick to the big named bingo sites or simply search for mobile apps on iTunes and the Android or Google Markets or even play the huge amount of Facebook bingo apps. If you choose the latter option, bear in mind that you are rarely able to grab real cash or bonuses – that is why we favour sites like Mecca who offer mobile gaming and goodies!